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Josette Armand is thrilled to present 

her sexy new memoir, 

"LIVING FREESTYLE: My Story of Secrets, Seductions, and Surrender Inside the Erotic Life".




            LIVING FREESTYLE is a true story that pulls back the curtain on a sexy world hiding in plain sight--a world where women are empowered to be in control. In this erotic memoir, readers will follow the real journey of “Josie” as she goes behind closed doors into European sex clubs, aboard private yachts, and to exclusive erotic retreats around the world.

          Along the way she discovers how living a life of honest sexuality brought her relationship with her long-time lover to a new level of romance, trust, and unconditional love.

            Driven by her curiosity, Josie faces her own pre-set sexual boundaries. And then, reveals how step-by-step they fall to the floor like her little black dress. Each chapter shares her tale with casual humor and revealing emotions. 

           From her eye-opening first visit to an all-nude resort, to her explicit erotic encounters with couples, other women, and multiple ‘play partners’, Josette Armand candidly shares her world of LIVING FREESTYLE.

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Josette Armand is thrilled to announce the release of "LIVING FREESTYLE" in audiobook format. NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON, AUDIBLE, and iTUNES.






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JOSETTE ARMAND has been an active erotic Lifestyle traveler for 

many years. Her adventures have taken her around the globe, and into countless sexy situations. 

In her sensational new memoir, "LIVING FREESTYLE: My Story of Secrets, Seductions, and Surrender Inside the Erotic Life", she takes readers along with her as she explores and indulges her own libido on a journey of sexual discovery and empowerment.



Many of the sexy stories in Josette's memoir took place in these and other locations around the world.

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An Excerpt from "LIVING FREESTYLE"

By Josette Armand

“He traced the edges of my nipples and followed the curves of my breasts down over my waist and around my hips. As I felt him reach up along the inside of my thigh, I arched my back and let myself go."


            “Luke and I met Bob and Darcy for cocktails on a beautiful outdoor terrace under palm trees and a starlit Caribbean sky. The candles danced in the gentle breeze as we laughed and talked effortlessly before moving on to dinner.
            “The conversation quickly became very sexually charged. Innuendo filled the air and flirtatious eyes darted across the table in a way that made me start to wonder where this evening might be taking us.
            “I rubbed my hand along Luke’s leg, and he smiled back at me, his eyes taking on a look of desire. I crossed my legs in that way that causes a woman to tingle with damp excitement. I felt the urge to reach beneath the table to gently brush my hand along Bob’s inner thigh. I held back, instead slowly running my tongue along the rim of my martini glass as I gazed across the table at him.
            “I felt something open inside me. The week of fun we shared on our nude cruise now felt more like extended foreplay. And, I was starting to think of more than just candle lit conversation.
            “Following dinner, we took a walk along the beach. The breeze billowed playfully beneath my dress, and the warm air blew up between my legs, feeling almost like gentle fingertips caressing me. The ocean sparkled with a thousand reflections of the moon.
            “After a few moments of anxious anticipation, the four of us headed back toward the pool. As we paused, suddenly, Darcy pulled off her dress and stood completely naked in the warm night air. She dove into the water with barely a splash. Bob, Luke, and I followed Darcy’s lead, and were naked and in the pool within seconds.
            “The water was both mentally refreshing and physically stimulating at the same time. I swam over to Bob and threw my arms around his shoulders. Luke surfaced close to Darcy and immediately wrapped her in a warm embrace. We all started giggling like our parents had just caught us skinny-dipping.
            “So, there we were: floating under a beautiful tropical sky, with the palms rustling overhead, the pool’s lights sending rippling reflections over our bodies, and clinging onto each other’s partner. And it felt good.
            “I wrapped my legs around Bob’s waist, and we began to explore each other with hidden touches beneath the water. His hands were gentle, soft, and respectful. He traced the edges of my nipples and followed the curves of my breasts down over my waist and around my hips. As I felt him reach up along the inside of my thigh, I arched my back and let myself go. My head fell back, and he began to tenderly kiss my neck, shoulders, and breasts. Then, I raised my head again, and Bob softly kissed my lips. It felt like everything was going in slow motion.
            “It didn’t feel wrong at all. I wasn’t cheating; my boyfriend was right there with us. We were with our new friends, all smiling and happy, having a great time. It was sensual, secure, and even more exciting because we weren’t supposed to be nude in this place. Let alone getting sexy in the pool.
            “I glanced over to see Luke and Darcy in almost the exact same position, as if they were shadow dancing with Bob and me. Everything was firm, yet soft; wet and warm. Soon, all four of us were thoroughly aroused, and we sensed it was time to move on from the pool.”

            “Bob and Darcy invited us to their room for a drink, and there was no reason to say no. Opening the door, the chilly air conditioning hit us. We quickly dropped our towels and clothes inside and moved right through the room, opening the set of French doors that led onto their private deck.” 

            “Although there were two queen-sized beds in the room, we all crowded onto one. Huddled together we sipped our drinks and chatted about what a great trip we’d had for the last week on the cruise. We all knew it would be coming to an end tomorrow. But, Bob reminded us, “You don’t have to go yet.”
            “I was fine with that; I didn’t want to move from the bed we all shared, and I don’t think anyone else wanted to, either. I loved being naked and so close to everyone. Soon, kisses were shared, and moist tongues began to wander. I was still turned on from our dip in the pool, and it didn’t take long for me to lie back on the pillows and let my legs drift apart.
            “Bob softly kissed my neck again, his hands encircling my breasts. He squeezed and lifted them as his tongue licked its way down to and around my nipples, feeling them grow hard and erect in his mouth. He kissed his way across my belly and then continued further down. My eyes began to close. I reached down and took hold of Bob’s head. His hair was still wet from the pool. He gently probed each of my folds and licked up my juices.
            “There’s not much room for four bodies on a queen-sized bed, so with legs and arms caressing mine Bob drank me in. Through my half-open eyes, I could see Luke and Darcy softly touching each other as they lay beside us, watching Bob devour me. They were becoming aroused as well.”




by Josette Armand

“We watched each other in the dressing-room mirror as his hand brushed along my hip

and slid inside the front of my thong panties….”

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An excerpt from "LIVING FREESTYLE"... getting ready for a 'play-cation' in Europe.

"Luke and I planned to visit a famous private club. Their policy was that both men and women must be dressed in upscale club wear at the beginning of the evening; then, after ten p.m., ladies were to be attired only in lingerie, and gentlemen, in designer undershorts. 

Occasions like this call for a serious shopping trip. 

His part was easy; all he needed was a fresh, new pair of Versace or D&G boxer briefs. My part was a bit tougher. I needed something I could wear under my clothes to and from the club, but when I disrobed, would look great on its own. Occasionally I look for outfits online, but this time, my lover and I headed to Victoria’s Secret to see what we could find.

We browsed through the endless array of bras and panties, bridal negligees, and shorty style PJs until we came upon the corset-and-garter outfits. All it took was one look from him to know I simply had to try a few on. I grabbed one in black, one in red, and one in royal blue with sheer lace cups, which I knew he’d love, and headed for the dressing rooms. 

Depending on the layout of a store and the location of the dressing rooms, sometimes I like to come out and model the sexy things I’m trying on for my lover. It’s arousing to him when I step out to show him how it looks (and, on some occasions, a few other surprised gentlemen as well). But in this case, as many of you know, getting into a corset, garters, and stockings is not a simple and easy operation. And, this store’s sales girls seemed more concerned with their breaks and their gossip than with helping a customer, so I invited Luke into the dressing room to help. 

Between the laces, straps, and garter clips, we both struggled. This one was too tight to even breathe in. That one was too small to sit in. But the royal blue one, now thatwas just right. 

As I looked in the mirror, I saw him standing behind me with a look of pure desire. “Yep,” I thought, “this is the one.” In an instant, he was pressing up against me from behind. 

Now, I don’t know if I’m the only girl that does this, but when a man stands so close behind me that I can feel the gravitational pull of his body, my back automatically arches and my hips push out to meet his. 

This time was no different, and as I felt him pushing up against my ass, I slipped one hand behind me to grasp the building bulge in his pants. He slipped one arm around me and cupped my sheer, lace-covered breast. We watched each other in the dressing-room mirror as his other hand brushed along my hip and slid inside the front of the matching thong panties. I looked right into his eyes in the mirror as his fingers probed downwards.

Behind me, I blindly unzipped his fly and slid my hand into his pants. As we stood there, massaging and arousing each other, we could hear people walking by just outside the door, and it made both of us hotter and hornier. 

He took my hands and placed them on either side of the mirror, then backed up for just a moment to free us both. The thong panties were pulled down. His pants were opened. And then, a second later, he was inside me. I stood there, facing the mirror, watching him watch me, as he slipped in and out of me. He pulled open the lace that covered my breasts, then his hands wandered down, over the tight waist of the blue corset, over my pouting ass, and down to the tops of my stockings. His pace increased as he stared at me in the mirror. We both had to stifle our deep breathing, as we heard voices just outside the door. The thrill of it all was exhilarating. Suddenly, he grabbed my hips and pushed deeper inside me as he shuttered in pulse after pulse of orgasm. 

“How are you doing in there?” a perky sales clerk asked as she knocked on the door twice. We both froze. 

“I’m doing great,” I answered, hoping to get rid of her quickly.

Pulling some tissues from my purse, I cleaned up and re-dressed while he leaned against the wall and tucked himself back in. Once he’d composed himself, and I’d pulled myself together, I opened the door and peeked out to check the hallway. No one else was there. We strolled out into the store as casually as a person could after almost getting caught having sex in a dressing room. My heart was still pounding, but I did my best not to show it. 

Certain that the flushed look on his face would give us away, Luke decided to wait outside the store, and handed me his credit card to pay for my purchases. Holding onto the blue corset set, I returned the others to the display and made my way to the checkout counter.

“Did you get everything you needed?” the girl asked. 

“Oh, yes, I did,” 

“Did anyone help you?” 

I suppressed a laugh at her inadvertent innuendo, and simply said, “I think this is exactly what I was looking for.” I let her fold the corset and stockings in tissue paper, but held onto the thong panties. “I’ll just put these in my purse, if that’s okay.”

Party wear–Check. 

There’s nothing like a sexy shopping trip, or like leaving Victoria’s Secret feeling secretly victorious. 

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"The woman shouted at him, “Well, if you want to be with her, then go be with her!” ... he just stood there silently as she slammed the door with an angry, “Screw you!”

            Luke and I looked at each other and said in unison, “They didn’t have The Talk.”

An excerpt from Josie’s new memoir, “LIVING FREESTYLE: My Story of Secrets, Seductions and Surrender Inside the Erotic Life”…

         “Luke and I were spending a week at a Lifestyle resort in the Caribbean. As we walked back to our room along the beach, we heard a commotion. There were loud banging noises, lots of shouting, and a girl was screaming.  We both turned to see if anyone needed help. 

            In the building to our left, we saw a man being pushed out the door of a room. The woman who did the shoving shouted at him, “Well, if you want to be with her, then go be with her!” As he stood there trying to explain himself, his clothes began flying out the door and onto the beach. Pants, shirts, and shoes rained down around him. Surrounded by all his things, he just stood there silently as she slammed the door with an angry, “Screw you!”

            Luke and I looked at each other and said in unison, “They didn’t have The Talk.”

            Most people outside the erotic Lifestyle may assume that those who are inside are just looking to have sex with people other than their partner. In the vast majority of cases, I’ve found that notto be true. 

            Every couple is different and in it for their own reasons. Some, like me, may be looking to expand their friendships. While others could be seeking a safe place for their bi-curiosity, or a yearning for exhibitionism or voyeurism; giving their partner the gift of fantasy fulfillment might be the reason for some, or igniting a needed spark into a ho-hum sex life. And some couples have no desire to get involved with other people. They just find the excitement of being in a very sexy environment brings a jolt of spice to their own relationship. 

            Why they are in the Lifestyle doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that they are in it together. 

            That’s why it’s so important for a couple to have “The Talk”. 

            The Talk is simply one or more conversations in which both partners in a relationship openly and honestly tell each other about their desires and their thresholds. This is where the trust building begins. And the judgment gets left behind.

            Maybe she is completely open to some girl-girl fun. But, she is not okay with the idea of intercourse with another man. Maybe he doesn’t want another man near him, but he’d love to watch his wife getting pleasured by him. Or maybe they’re both good to go for whatever comes their way. 

            No matter what their preferences and thresholds are, they’re all okay. But they both need to be on the same page; otherwise misunderstandings and trouble will always follow. 

            It’s also important to have The Talkbeforetraveling to an erotic resort, and waiting to see what happens. And especially before your first encounter with others if that’s what you’re looking for. (Remember the couple on the beach I mentioned before.)

            Having The Talk should be a casual, relaxed conversation where you’re open, disarmed, and receptive to hearing your partner’s honest desires and thresholds without judgment. That’s the key-without judgment.

Stay focused. Remain open-minded and respectful of the other person. You don’t need to agree. You just need to listen.

            I’ve heard of some couples that watch porn together and use it as a springboard for opening up about fantasies and having The Talk. Just searching through porn sites on the web and choosing what to watch will tell you a lot about your partner. 

            Others might cuddle in bed at night after some fantasy role-play and ask, “Would you ever like to do that for real?” And others might have a few drinks in a quiet corner of their favorite bar and wander into the conversation as a way of verbally arousing each other. 

            “Sexting” can work too. I’m not just talking about ‘dick pics’ or ‘tit pics’. (Although if you enjoy the excitement of that, why not?) No, I’m talking about exchanging desirous thoughts or invitations with your lover. Once you’ve established a level of intimacy, 

            It’s a great way to introduce something new. You find an exciting photo on the web that expresses what you’re thinking, copy it to your phone, add a provocative caption to it, and send it to your lover. Not only will it be an unexpected shot of erotic adrenaline to their day, but it also tosses a notion on the table for reaction or discussion. Plus, if your partner is intrigued, you’ve broken new sexual ground. And, if they’re not, you can dismiss it as just being a ‘wild hair’. 

            It’s an easy way to express a desire and start a discussion without having to face the topic directly; sample the water, see if there’s any interest or curiosity. Who knows, it might open up a whole new avenue to explore for both of you.





“She wore only a sheer wrap dress, and it was slipping more open with every move we made. She welcomed my touch, so I made sure to take my time and pay attention to every curve as her husband stared up at us.” 

%22In the Club%22 ©DJM Media.jpg


            “As we stood holding our drinks, all dressed like Santa’s naughty helpers, we chatted with our group of friends. For a Lifestyle event, it was pretty un-eventful, but we tried to make the best of it. And then I thought to myself, 'Somebody’s got to get this party started.'

            I moved our little group over to an open stripper pole and jumped up to dance. Our friends stood in a circle around the small stage, and I started bumping and grinding for my private audience. There were hundreds, if not thousands of others around the room. But, having them there gave me a “ring of safety” to let go and have fun.

            As I moved my attentions around the circle from one friend to the next, I invited them to touch my body and slowly remove my sexy elf-ish outfit. Their fingers flirtatiously skimmed up my legs and over my backside, or delicately brushed over my breasts and down my torso as I undulated in front of them. As they each slipped off a bit of my clothing, it felt great having so many hands tease my skin as I danced to teased their eyes. 

            By the time I’d made the full circle back to my lover, I was wearing only my little red G-string. In one hand Luke held my now removed clothing, and with the other hand he was busy caressing one of our friend’s wives as she rubbed her tits up against him. She smiled up at me, let out a playful squeal, and then reached up and tugged at my G-string. I turned my ass toward her and bent over. Holding onto the pole, I swayed my hips back and forth in front of her. Without hesitation, she grabbed the tiny strings and pulled it all the way down to the floor. 

            Stepping out of it, I flipped the G-string to my man and spread my feet wide apart. And there I was, dancing naked in a ballroom full of strangers—except, of course, for my jewelry and red stripper heels. (A girl has to have certain standards. Right?)  


            Knowing how much a man likes seeing his girl tenderly touched by another woman, I started moving my hands all over her body as we danced together. She wore only a sheer wrap dress, and it was slipping more open with every move we made. She welcomed my touch, so I made sure to take my time and pay attention to every curve as her husband stared up at us. 

            She was a terrific dance partner. We moved well together and we had great energy. I liked her right away. So, I leaned over to fondle her round, beautiful butt, and I offered mine to her husband for a little squeeze, if he wanted. He was a very polite gentleman, and despite my offer, he never reached for me.

            Then she turned the tables on me. As I flirted with her man with my eyes, she cupped my breasts and began sucking my nipples. She quickly glanced at her hubby and then dropped to her knees right in front of me. Coaxing my legs wider apart, she began kissing my soft sweetness. Our group began to shout their encouragements, and I leaned back on the pole. Grabbing it above my head for stability, I raised one knee so she could go deeper. 

            With her tongue now spreading my lips and lapping up my juices, I looked around at our group through half-closed eyes. Each of them was fondling or fingering whomever was closest to them as they stared up at us. Her tongue felt so good as it circled my clit. The rush was exhilarating and my mind was racing. 

            In that moment, as she knelt in front of me with her tongue plunging into my open depths, it hit me: HOLY SHIT!I thought. I don’t even know her name! Oh my god! Josie, you’ve crossed over.

            I lowered my leg and started laughing at myself. She turned to her husband and gave him a very big, very wet kiss. Then she reached for my man, pulled him closer, and gave him one, too. While she was bent over in front of me kissing them, I grabbed her hips and started thrusting up against her from behind. Humping to the beat of the music, our friends cheered for more. Turning toward each other, I pulled her dress completely open and we continued to ‘faux fuck’. As we scissor split our legs and pressed our pussies against each other, we lapped our tongues into each other’s open mouths. 

            At the end of the next tune, I threw my arms around her, and we hugged. Our nearly naked, sweaty, glistening bodies rubbed together, and we swayed, holding each other. 

            After helping us down from the pole stage, they introduced themselves as Inez and Paul. I told them how much fun I’d just had and mentioned that if they were going to be in town the next day, I’d love to hang out with them. My man handed Paul our “Couples Card” so they could keep in touch. They nodded, hugged us both again, and then disappeared into the crowd.“ 









Outstanding Quality

Specially selected professional art level photographs of Josette will be available on a limited basis soon. Choose from matted, framed, or canvas prints in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Created by an international artist, a collection of beautifully rendered watercolor prints will be available in the coming months. Each pose interpreted from one of Josette's original photographs, and suitable for display as a set, or individually.

Only the Best

A line of custom created gifts, cards, and apparel is being designed currently. They are all inspired by Josette's erotic memoir stories and beautiful photographs.



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